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Custody Suite/Charge Desk Recording


Custody Suites and Charge Desks require digital recording equipment which provide a very high quality of video and audio content recording. The server based digital recording system enables easy access and use of the digitally recorded evidence which once recorded can be viewed and listened to live across a network. Additionally historical events can be downloaded and copied onto DVD's to be used as evidence.


AV Niche will provide the complete solution from corridor/ in cell cameras, in cell communication systems / facilities, hard disk server based recorders and live viewing monitors.


Custody environments have evolved over the last 15 years to include the now standard provision of the audio video recording of charge desks and continuous video recording of cells, passageways and corridors.


The development and advances in digital recording technology will provide the police service with the necessary tools to provide accurate and true records of events occurring in custody. AV Niche are able to offer Police Forces a complete solution for the recording of events and actions within the custody environment.



Custody Suite / Charge Desk


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