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Digital Interview Recording Equipment
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AV Niche manufacture and sell PACE compliant interview recording equipment as well as related accessories and services.



DAVE are interview recorders designed for evidential suspect interviews or Interviews Under Caution.

They have an integral high resolution touchscreen display with user prompts, audible & visible alarms and picture in picture (PIP) placement options.

Various configurations are provided for camera and microphone input, and the number of removal media copies required. They can be configured for various recording times with digitally signed optical media copies supplied at the end of your interview.

DAVE recorders incorporate a number of future proof options including network recording as standard.

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TPS (Transcription Player Software) is a Windows 10 application developed by AV Niche that is designed around intuitive easy to use operation.

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TPS Transcription Player Software

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Portable Video Interview Recorders

TPS Transcription Player Software


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