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Networking the Criminal Justice System


Whilst offering the latest developments in digital recording technology, AV Niche are able to provide a fully integrated digital recording network solution to Police Forces and the Criminal Justice Sector.


An implemented network can be located within any single building, a local area, a region or even nationally. The conceptual design utilises a modular standard building block construction which enables future upgrade capacity thus allowing a stage by stage development of the network. A fully integrated digital recording network is able to support and provide audio and audio video recording back up for interview rooms, charge desks, custody suites, identification parades, with the additional provision of “on line” monitored officer training, video on demand, public information, and a complete administration audit of the Criminal Justice process.


A secure and controlled access to the network can be offered to other Government Agencies such as the Crown Prosecution and Court Services. This enables the provision a fully integrated digital recording network supporting the entire Criminal Justice Sector in both the present and future.


Solutions available for a single Police Force building or a local Police Force area etc.


Networking Criminal Justice


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