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DAVE - Digital Audio Video Equipment


AV Niche pioneered the recording of interview in the digital form and support the longest serving operational digital interview recorders in the world.

DAVE (Digital Audio Video Equipment) are leading edge video and audio recording devices, able to produce physical disc media and be networked on existing infrastructure providing highly cost effective solutions that will replace end of life PACE analogue interview and disc based digital interview recording equipment.

The compact and robust design is ideal for installation in a variety of tough environments.


Enhance PACE: higher quality sound and image recording
MPEG-4 recordings are captured by two microphones providing stereo audio and two cameras, one PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera which can be controlled via on-screen controls and one Wide Angle camera that captures the whole environment.

The user interface is displayed on an 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen. Bold colours and intuitive layout, with user messages, audible and visual alarms make the DAVE easy to use in high pressure environments.


Networkable Solutions
Networked configured devices enable a seamless capture and transfer of data removing the need for physical media.

DAVE can be integrated into all Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS), Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS) and works flawlessly with on the market media watchers.

Metadata input by users via a series of on-screen questions is attached to each MPEG-4 file and enables users to search and play back with ease using applications such as TPS (Transcription Player Software).


Integrations with existing management systems and network infrastructure enables a cost-effective network solution.

Security and Integrity
Recordings and metadata are AES-256 encrypted. Checksums for each file enable end to end protection to keep the integrity of the original recording. By default, local storage is securely deleted via 7 pass deletion once confirmation of a successful transfer to media or network is complete.

Remote Viewing
Audio and Video outputs from the recorder allow for external monitoring on a secondary screen. Remote monitoring via a network is possible by using AV Niche Remote Monitoring software.

Bespoke Solutions
AV Niche can configure interview recording devices to a specific customer requirement, such as:

  • Static and portable configurations

  • Audio only, audio video and hybrid options

  • Physical media, network recording and hybrid solutions

  • Multiple copy recording

  • Camera and microphone input configurations

Accessories Available

  • Cameras

  • Microphones

  • Desk Mounting Bracket

  • Secondary Monitor

  • Speakers

  • Headphones and Earpieces

Software Applications Available

  • AV Niche Remote Monitoring Software

  • AV Niche TPS (Transcription Player Software)


Static Video Interview Recorders

static digital recorder


Portable Video Interview Recorders

portable digital recorder


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